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Excel Skills Society is a movement started by Excel pros (located globally) with the aim of demystifying MS-Excel and its many power-packed features, and enhancing workplace productivity of every Excel pro (or, amateur). Our website offers an overwhelming value proposition – in fact, there’s no other website that offers you 1000s of pages full of Excel tips, tricks and strategies and then tops up the offer by throwing in downloadable goodies and must-have MS Access primers.

Of course, in order to sustain ourselves (like any other movement) we need money, therefore the nominal joining fee.

To know more, contact:

Excel Skills Society
2222 Sedwick Road,
Durham, NC 27713

Toll free: (800) 223-8720
Fax: (585) 292-4392

Kara Soos
(Executive Editor)


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Cost Sheet Generator

Cost Sheet Generator

Cost Sheet Generator takes the labor out of generating cost sheets for your business. Fill in the details in the “Particulars” sheet (Prime Cost, Factory Overheads, Cost of Goods Sold, etc) and click...
Latest Dashboard
ROI Calculator...

ROI Calculator

This ROI Calculator calculates returns on your investment in percentage values for a period of up to five years. The calculator shows you — in graphical format — returns on your investment in various years (in percentage). You are given the values of both ROI (before tax) and ROI (after tax).
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Money Flow Index Indicator

Money Flow Index Indicator

A robust technical indicator, Money Flow Index compares the price and volume of a security over a period of time. It is a great indicator of the strength of your money flowing in and out of a stock. Use it to confirm price trends and predict reversals in trends.



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